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About Us

Owner, stylist

Julie Kreilick
Education - Tiffin Academy Of Hair Design, advanced training-Douglas J Aveda Institute
Years of experience - 25 yrs
Experience at Looking Good - 19 yrs
Specializing in hair cutting and styling, and hair color services.
Favorite Aveda Product - Hand Relief


DeeAnn Lento
Education – The Brown Aveda Institute, advanced training – Aveda Institute
Years of Experience - 4 yrs
Experience at Looking Good - 4 yrs
Specializing in – Skin Care, as the Salon Skin Care Coach, facials, hair removal, relaxation massage, body treatments, and makeup
Favorite Aveda Product - Tourmaline Exfoliating Cleanser


Chrystal Brunthaver
Education- Vanguard Career Center. Advanced training with Aveda professionals in cutting and coloring.
Years of Experience- 2 years
Years at Looking Good- 2 years
Specializing in hair cutting, coloring, and styling, nail services, makeup, and wax hair removal.
Favorite Aveda product- Daily Hair Repair

Angie Fleckner
Education - Vanguard Career Center, Advanced training at the Brown Aveda Institutes in Mentor and Rocky River
Years of experience - 4 yrs
Years at Looking Good - 6 yrs
Specializing in Makeup, as the Salon Makeup coach, hair cutting, hair color, wax hair removal, nail care, and special occasion styling
Favorite Aveda Product - Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener

Allison Weiker
Education- Apprenticeship at Visual Changes in Maryland. Advanced training with Lanza in precision cutting and coloring, and Aveda hair straightening.
Years of Experience – 5
Years at Looking Good – 2
Specializing in hair straightening, cutting, coloring, and styling: nail services including gel nails and shellac, makeup and wax hair removal
Favorite Aveda product- Beautifying Oil

Karrie Bunn
Education- Douglas J. Aveda Institute East Lansing, MI. Advanced training: Men’s start to finish haircutting class, 2007, Creative hair cutting class 2008, Douglas J. Aveda Instistitute, Evolution of Hair and Fashion 2009, Douglas J., and Vivienne Mackinder Hair show 2010, Douglas J. Royal Oak, MI
Years of Experience-7
Years at Looking Good-1
Specializing in Men’s and Women’s haircutting and styling, up do and special occasion hair styling. Nail services, makeup and wax hair removal.
Favorite Aveda Product – Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Massage Therapists

Willa Spriggs
Education - Blanchard Valley Academy of Massage Therapy
Years of experience – 9 yrs
Years at looking Good – 7 yrs
Specializing in Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Seated massage
Favorite Aveda Product – Blue oil

Lori Bostic
Education - Stautzenberger College
Years of experience – 6 yrs
Years at Looking Good – 4 yrs
Specializing in Therapeutic Massage and Seated Massage
Favorite Aveda Product – Foot Relief